Kamasutra 3D – The Movie

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Kamasutra 3D – The Movie
As the Indian Cinema is celebrating its centenary in 2013, ‘Kamasutra’ – the greatest of its sacred texts on the art of love and love making, the one enigmatic factor that made India known to the world, is going 3D. Though the same name has already been used by film makers of different leagues and schools till date, this is for the first time ‘Kamasutra’ is going to be made in the pure backdrop of history, getting to the viewers the three dimensional feel of the 14th century India and its sacred arts of sex and sex play. The movie has been announced at Cannes Film Festival 2012, by Rupesh Paul- the director of the movie, after the premiere of his Hollywood movie, Saint Dracula 3D, at the festival.
With the 2011 movie, 3D Sex and Zen: Extreme Ecstasy, the newest instalment of the Sex and Zen series, world cinema has now realized that, not only crime thrillers and war movies, but erotica can also be an appropriate genre, to be presented in three dimension. Kamasutra 3D would be the first part of the ‘Kamasutra trilogy’ and the second and third parts would be in 4D and in 5D, respectively, said the director.

The cast would include foreigners as well as stars from the Indian film industry and the auditions are being held, he briefed. The shoot is scheduled to begin on the 15th of June. The technical crew would consist of the best 3D personnel from the United Kingdom. The movie will be shot in France, Italy, United Kingdom, Indian sets, et cetera. The movie is going to be a French-Indian co production, under the banner of Rupesh Paul Productions Limited (RPPL). The movie is already registered with the Motion Pictures Association of America as well as the Screenwriters Guild of America.

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