Two British Pakistani Lesbians Got Married Exclusive Video

it happend in london united kingdom tha two british pakistani lesbians girls got married. after registration in council both are now life partner. Rehana Kousar and Sobia komal when both reached in council for marriage registration council refused cause both are muslim and its not allowed in islam but both said that they have british nationality and by british law its legal same sex marriage and both are adult council gave them one month time after one month both came in council both were in white bridal dress and after signed marriage documents both are partners now. Rehana Kausar belong to Lahore pakistan and Sobia belong to Mir Pur Azaad Kashmir Pakistan. Rehana has done Phd from Punjab University Lahore Pakistan.
many muslims say its really shame full act no religious allowed same sex marriage. its totally illegal and against islam.

Two British Pakistani Lesbians Got Married Exclusive Video


  1. they are not British, they are Pakistani nationals in the uk.

    1. you are right they have british nationalty as well and pakistani too
      mean daul nationality holders