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Lung Cancer Risk, Symptoms, Treatment 2015

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 11:41 PM
There are several types of lung cancer. The most common type of lung cancer is called non small lung cancer. This type is of cancer is slow in development. It is responsible for the majority of lung cancer occurrences. The other type is small cell lung cancer which grows at a much quicker rate than non small cancer. Treatment varies widely.
Lung Cancer Risk, Symptoms, Treatment 2015

Who Is At Risk?

As previously stated, the number one cause of this deadly disease is smoking nicotine. The longer you smoke and the more you smoke, the greater your chance for developing lung cancer. Smoking cigarettes, pipes, cigars and chewing tobacco, all put you at great risk. Stopping this deadly habit can decrease your risk no matter your age or how long you have been smoking. Other risk factors include asbestos which is found on many job sites such as mining, installation and other industrial jobs. If you work in a place that exposes you to dust, gasoline, talc, arsenic, exhaust fumes, uranium, nickel, chromium, radon and other gases you could be increasing your chances. Additional risks are: air pollution, medical exposures on the job, chemicals and patients who suffer from tuberculosis.

How Can I Prevent Lung Cancer? 

The most important thing you can do to combat this deadly disease is to stop smoking. Remember, that side stream smoke is now considered to be just as hazardous to your health as if you were the smoker. Also, keep in mind that smoking marijuana may increases your chances for lung cancer.The second most important thing to do to reduce your risk is to make sure you are not living near or working in a place that will put you at risk. If you follow these simple steps I have outlined above, you are decreasing your chances enormously.

Signs And Symptoms To Look For

Below is a list of warning signs to watch for. Usually, when lung cancer is in its early stages you will not experience these symptoms. The cancer usually progresses to where the tumor has significant growth and then the signs begin to appear. Do keep in mind that several diseases have similar or even the same symptoms as lung cancer. If you feel you are at risk, experiencing symptoms or are a long term smoker, please see your doctor for an exam.
• Shortness of Breath (SOB)
• Significant weight loss for no apparent reason
• Loss of appetite
• Feeling tired all the time
• Coughing up blood
• Chest pain
• A persistent cough (often a serious sign, see your doctor immediately)
• Jaundice
• A tingling or numbness in arms and legs
• Dizziness
• Double vision
• Bronchitis that keeps returning
• Reoccurring Pneumonia
• Hoarseness
• Wheezing
• Neck and face swelling
• Headaches
• Aching joints
• Bone Fractures or pain in the bones.
• Memory loss
• Change in sputum color
• Shoulder or back pain when coughing

Lung Cancer Treatment

There are many options available today. Your doctor will want to evaluate which type of lung cancer you have, determine its location and how advanced it has become.


Surgery is most often used on patients that have non small cell lung cancer. If the surgery is successful, all of the cancer is removed. Sometimes, depending on the location of the tumor, a section of the lung may have to be removed. This is known as a wedge resect. Surgery is not usually used on small cell lung cancer, this type of cancer is treated with chemotherapy or radiation because it spreads much quicker.


The idea of chemotherapy is to kill the cancer cells that may be spreading to other areas of the body. Chemotherapy can be very effective because it can kill even the tiniest of cells that surgery may have missed. Chemotherapy is also an option if a patient elects not to have surgery . Chemotherapy can be administered in several different ways such as intravenously or orally. Your doctor may elect a combination of surgery, chemo and radiation. With chemotherapy comes side effects such as hair loss, nausea, fatigue, bleeding, swelling etc. For a better explanation of chemotherapy please read our article intitled “Understanding Chemotherapy.”


Radiation uses gamma rays (high energy rays) to kill cancerous cells. Lung cancer patients commonly use this type of treatment. Radiation can be combined with surgery. Sometimes your physician may treat your cancer with radiation to shrink the tumor before performing surgery. Radiation is often used in cases where the cancer is more advanced. With radiation the chance of reoccurrence is lessened. Radiation also has its side effects which include nausea, hair loss, low blood count and fatigue. Ask your doctor for a complete list
This article is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended for diagnosis nor to replace the opinion of a qualified physician.

How Safe Is Our Food - Complete Study 2015

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 11:31 PM
Today, chemicals are used in every stage of food production. Food production is about conquering and dominating the natural environment, rather than working with it. The application of chemical sprays to farm fields was an early sign of a food system at war with nature. Genetic engineering escalates the war. Scientist working in this field pretend to “improve” Mother-nature by putting fish genes in tomatoes, scorpion toxin and sugar beets.

How Safe Is Our Food

Overuse of antibiotics by fish, poultry, pork and beef industries is a well-recognized threat to humans. An extensive review of  government reports on the antibiotics and sulfa drug residues in meat allowed to be sold to the public indicates that edible portions are contaminated by an array of drugs, including penicillin, streptomycin, tetracycline, neomycin, etc. Other unsafe drugs used regularly in livestock include demitridazole, ipronidazole and cardadox, each of which is carcinogenic and may leave residues in edible portions. Men whose bodies are built on testosterone end up dosing themselves with estrogen; women also end up ingesting estrogen, which causes breast cancer – thanks to the beef industry’s use of hormonal implants for fatting up nonorganically raised beef. Some of the other drugs mentioned cause cancer at other sites in the human body; all represent consumer health hazards.
Residues of more than 400 hundred toxic chemicals have been identified in human blood and fat tissue. Based on the Environment Protection Agency own estimation, residues of 60 carcinogenic pesticides on 30 foods that may be eaten in just one day would result in about 64,000 excess cancers a year, more than 10% of all current cancer deaths.


Dioxin, the complicated family of 75 chemicals, is one of the worst polluters. It can easily get into human cells and damage DNA, causing cancer and birth defects.
FOOD (4 oz.-114 g.-others) DIOXIN, PCB & FURAN (in picograms)
Freshwater fish 274
Marine shellfish 95
Marine fish 70
Beef 33
Pork 26
Poultry 18
Eggs (2) 13
Milk (1 cup) 11
Vegetable oil (1 Tbs.) 1
Adapted from the data published by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency these numbers are averages. Higher-fat versions of these foods have more dioxin – and lower-fat versions have less – than shown here. The numbers for dioxin in fresh-water fish do not reflect current levels in the most-popular salmon,like catfish,trout and farm-raised fish.
Dioxin is easy to get, but difficult to get rid of.


If the same crop is growing in the same soil year after year then we are dealing with soil depletion. Beneficial underground critters that bring life to the soil exterminated by toxic sprays, the result is dead soil and erosion. Nutrients in food come mainly from nutrients in the soil.
If you are not able to switch to organic and have to resort to half measures, there are several ways to practice eating safe food and reduce your risks.
Buying local is usually a good bet. Food shipped for quick sale is less likely to have been sprayed with methyl bromide (to keep away molds and fungus).
Local food is more likely to be fresh. The biggest loses of nutrients come from early harvesting.
n Buy in season. You pay a lot less when you buy in season because you’re paying for food, not for the cost of transport and storage. Buying in season can increase food variety, healthfulness and celebration.


Food is a $200 billion a year industry, and food companies spend about $6 billion a year on advertising. Most ads are for processed foods. TV commercials never advertise potatoes, but there are plenty of ads for French fries and potato chips. It is easy to see we are eating less natural food and more processed, packaged, man-made foods. There goes our health, lost to the food processing industry.
There is no government requirement that food be labeled with information about any of the seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, drugs or hormones that went into it. Food is not inspected for purity; it is assessed for risk.
Additives of all kinds are put into our food in great amounts. No more than 7% of the additives have any vitamin or mineral value. All of the rest are used to change the appearance, taste, or texture of food. Many flavors are used because processing destroys the natural flavor in foods. More than 90% of the colors used are synthetic.
One additive, NutraSweet, has taken off dramatically due to North American obsession with dieting. It contains methanol, which is highly toxic poison. Methanol is converted to formaldehyde and formic acid – two substances that have a very toxic effect on the thymus gland. Common complaints are that it causes dizziness, malaise, recurrent headaches, nausea and visual disturbances.
Our bodies are built from the air, the water and the foods. Our cells, tissues, and organs all come from these three sources. Obviously, the food we eat are extremely important for our health and for maintenance of a high level energy. However, today’s food have become so processed, refined and depleted that they drain our energy and immune response and can ultimately make us sick.

Mother Day 2015 Wishes Quotes Messages Poems Photos Wallappers

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 11:13 PM
Wish You All Happy Mother Day 2015, Please Find Below Happy Mother Day 2015 , Whatsapp Photos Messages , Wallpapers , Mothers Days 2015 Poems , Mother Day 2015 Facebook Covers, Mother Day 2015 Quotes, Mother Day 2015 Wishes, Mother Day 2015 Cards, Mother Day 2015 Ideas, Mother Day 2015 Creative Design, Mother Day 2015 Recipes, Mother Day 2015 Sayings, Mother Day 2015 Instgram, Mother day 2015 Photos and many more.

Why We Should Celebrate Mother Day 2015

Why should we celebrate Mother Day 2015 is a question which no body dare to ask not a human being even not a animal. We are all here on this earth just because of our mothers, she was the only one who take care her baby for 9 months inside of her and then she gave birth to us and these moments are the most painful to deliver a baby but also most happiest when she first time her kid after 9 months caring her inside. She care us loves us by day night feed her kids doesn't sleep until her kids sleep. She feel the pain if she hear her baby cry. she teach how to speak she teach how to cradle she teach how to walk. she send to school make food for the kids even she works to earn money for her children. She does it all without any fee pay or money she does it because she loves her kids. she does because is one and only true person who loves without any interest. This is Mother who is the most kind lovable and most beautiful person of the world. Your eyes will spark once you see her face you will feel peace inside your heart. Everyday is the Mother day We should always obey her give her respect give her love give her life. Because if we will not do it then who will be here to love her ? to make her smile ? to give him charm chocolates and roses. ?
So Make this Mother Day 2015 special day of her life. Get some create ideas to celebrate this Mother Day 2015 you must make her happy and feel her something special so she can feel she is the most luckiest person on the earth.
Take her on outing for a luxury dinner or even you may make potatoes at your home for her. You may bring some sort of special chocolates packs or you may make a cake in your kitchen. You can buy her a beautiful dress or you can buy her shoes. You can gift her books so she can read them in her leisure.
Do anything but make Mother Day 2015 Special for Her.

When Will Mother Day 2015 Come - Mother Day 2015 Date

Mother Day always come or celebrate 2nd Sunday of May . So Mother Day 2015 will be Celebrate on 10 May 2015 in America, Australia, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, India and Pakistan.

Mother Day 2015 Poem

Mother Day 2015 Poem

Mother Day 2015 Card, Wallpaper,Photo,Gift

Mother Day 2015 Card, Wallpaper,Photo,Gift

Mother Day 2015 Quotes

Mother Day 2015 Quotes

Mother Day 2015 DP Facebook Whatsapp Instgram

Mother Day 2015 DP Facebook Whatsapp Instgram

How To Register Free Domain | Top Level .Free Domain

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 9:23 PM
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How To Register Free Domain | Top Level .Free Domain

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 This is the best trick to register premium domains free.

How To Use Free Top Level Domain Name

  • As you will not get any free hosting with the domain hence you can use it with the
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If still have any problem you may feel free while asking any question by commenting below.


Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 10:51 PM


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Pak vs Ban 3rd ODI Live Streaming Ptv Sports, Gtv, Geo Super 22/04/2015

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 5:23 PM
Pak vs Ban 3rd ODI Live Streaming Ptv Sports, Gtv, Geo Super 22/04/2015. Watch Pakistan Live Match Wednesday 22 April 2015 Vs Bangladesh Tigers.

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Pakistan vs Bangladesh, 3rd ODI April 19, 2015

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Pakistan Players:
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Beautiful Mathira Behind The Scene Blind Love Pakistani Movie

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 3:04 PM
Beautiful Hot Mathira Behind The Scene From Her Upcoming Pakistani Movie "Blind Love". As per report she is working in an upcoming Pakistani movie Blind Love and the photos below are from an Item Song from that movie. As per media most of the difficult scene has been done by the team of Blind Love Mathira acting negative role in the movie and she also record her Hot Item number song for the movie. In further cast of the movie there are Amir Qureshi, Yasir Shah, Imran Bukhari and Faisal Bukhrai are the main roles in the movie. Mathira has already done famous irtem role with the most beautiful and hot actress Mahnoor Bloch.

Mathira Beautiful Photos Behind The Scene Blind Love Movie

Mathira Hot Selfies Photos

Mathira Hot Selfies Photos

Mathira Hot Selfies Photos

Mathira Hot Selfies Photos

Mathira Hot Selfies Photos

Mathira Hot Selfies Photos

Mathira Hot Selfies Photos

Top 10 Pakistani Actress Mathira Hot Selfies Photos

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