Use Free Facebook And Whatsapp With Mobilink

Mobilink is large mobile network of Pakistan with having fast 3G services more than 20 cities of Pakistan. Mobilink jazz always a step ahead than other networks to provide some exclusives free special services and packages to its value customers. So in this Holy month of Ramadan Mobilink is providing free facebook and
whatsapp for whole month of Ramadan. Mobilink Ramadan offer provide free facebook including photos and facebook apps with free whatsapp for whole month. Many of Mobilink users are enjoying this services already but some of the customer are still far of this Ramadan Mobilink free social offer.
You can subscribe this social media Ramadan free offer by Mobilink at any time without spending a single penny.

How To Use Free Facebook and Whatsapp On Mobilink

  • You need a cell phone which have internet browser or Facebook Messenger
  • You need whatsapp installed
  • Dial The Code *114*5# and press Yes
  • You have Successfully Subscribe to this Free Facebook Whatsapp Offer by Mobilink

Terms And Conditions

  • This Service will automatically closed or unsubscribe after 24 hours.
  • You can Subscribe this offer again without spending a single penny.
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Argentina Wins The Football World Cup Final 2014

Argentina Won the FIFA Football world cup 2014 against Germany. Argentina just showed his best performance like he has showing in the history. Yes this news going to Hit soon all over the media of the world. I just got in touched of deep study about all the matched between Argentina and Germany and I was shocked that Argentina won the most of the matches. But the competition was always really tough and hard between Germany and Argentina in every football match

Total matched played between Germany and Argentina are 20 and from those 20 football match Argentina won 9 Matches German won 6 whether 5 matches were draw.
But if we talk about the goals scores between Germany and Argentina then the competition is just really hard because the goal score is same with 28 goals score.
Both teams has make same goals score against each other. Germany is not a easy team now Messi and all others Argentina's players will have really tough and hard time, and Argentina will have to show his best to won this match.
About 75% are saying this time Argentina is going to win but Germans are not easy task to do. They are really good players now and will give really tough time to Argentina and hope so they win.
Here below please see the Info graphic of all Football matches Summary of Germany Vs. Argentina

Germany Vs. Argentina Info Graphic Total Matches Total Score Football History

Please give your comments and ideas by commenting below.
Let the game start Let the heart beat.!!
For More Football world cup interesting facts score and football history matches info graphic keep visiting.

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Best Free Premium Green SEO Blogger Template 2014

Blogger templates with good design plays main role to get high rank in Google search engine. A best design Premium blogger template with having best SEO capability can be a good template for your blogger 2014. Here I got a best free premium blogger template 2014 which named Green SEO Blogger template. This Blogger template will give you 100% output. Awesome design light green color Premium look best features making this best template for blogger 2014.

Best Free Premium Green SEO Blogger Template 2014

Features Of Green SEO Blogger Template

  • 2 Columns Template
  • SEO Friendly
  • Ad Banner in Header
  • Green Color Template
  • White Color Template
  • 3 Columns Footer
  • Related Post Widget Included
  • Sidebar Widget Stylish Title
  • Next Post Button
  • Fast Loading Template
  • Magazine Style Blogger Template
  • Numbric Navigation Included

For More Premium free SEO Friendly blogger templates please visit to our blog.
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Broken Dreams Weeping Eyes | Brazil Historical Defeat in FIFA 2014

Dreams are those imaginary worlds which gives a man to live while having hopes.If they break then eyes weep, weep badly in the crowd no matter who see you , even many of cameras around covering you billions people are watching you on live while sitting in front of TVs having Pop corns on front table. From all those billions people there are a nation who has a dream of victory, A dream which will make them proud among all billions people. But what happened that dreams broken , and broken so badly that you never dream about that your dream will be broken too badly. And then you cried yes cried too loud , louder enough that you don't even care where you are.
This thing was seen on 9th July 2014 in Brazil where the hosting FIFA world cup 2014 was just on ending, Semi final was played between Germany and Brazil , I honestly say in the world there are more supporter of Brazil than Germany have. Brazil defeated too badly that each and every person from the crowed wept a lot , Yes Brazil defeated by 7-1 from Germany , Germany make 7 score against Brazil in semi final of FIFA world cup 2014. And make a historical match that will be remembered through out the history for many years among football's fans.
There are some photos of fans weeping and crying during the semi final between Brazil and Germany in FIFA world cup 2014.

Broken Dreams Weeping Eyes Brazilian Football Fans

These were the photos of Brazil fan who were weeping after losing semi final match from Germany in FIFA Football world cup 2014.
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Top 3 Free Online Logo Maker For Websites

When ever you see a logo you just got recognize the company or the website like youtube got his own logo and many of youtube channels has their own logos. Logo is a small symbol or small deign adopted by websites or company to identify its brands. Many of online logo makers are offering free online logo maker for websites. So as I am here for blogger so do not mind it you may get the one for your blogger as well. Logo creation is a really hard for those people who really do not know how to made it or do not know the logo designing. Logo creation make really fun when you do it in simple way I mean when you create it in easy method just choose your Logo design online put some Text and created a Logo. Many of famous companies, brands, or website arrange Logo deign contest to get a best logo for their own brands. Example is many of Telecom companies get their own Business Logos by Logo design Contest. I know some of them by would not like to write down their names because that is not our Topic of the Day.
If You want to get some kind of professional logo then you may contact with some professional logo designer, there are many companies offering logo design services. But we will only tell you Free online logo maker for websites or blogs.

Free Online Logo Maker For Websites or Blogs

here below you may read online professional logo design services providers. I have also used few of them and after deep studies i decided to write down about online logo design services providers.

Logo Maker

Logo maker are offering online logo designs for many of categories, Logo designs for websites, Logo designs for industries or logo designs for Health and Medical. You may create you own online logo just in 3 simple steps by choosing online logo design from the list. Logo maker are offering their logo design services since long time and they are the professional logo designers as well.

Logo Garden

As it is clear by the name they are the gardens of logos, They got large collection of online logo designs and offering logo deign services for free. You will create your online logo design in 3 steps only which are mention below,
  • Choose your industry or categories
  • choose your logo design
  • choose the color and put text and save it

Cool Text

Cool text is large collection provider of simple logo designs. It is actually are simple logo makers for your online brands companies blog or website. You may choose simple logo which are based on text and symbol. This is best text logo maker online website.
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