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From 50 Paisa To 200000 A Day | Entrepreneur Woman Story

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 7:28 PM
Here is the best story of a successful Entrepreneur woman from India who started her career with 50 Paisa per day earning but now she is earning 2,00000 Indian Rupees per day. The stories which have courage and a successful ending we must share those stories just for to raise hopes among all the women who are living a miserable lives with no more hopes.

Amazing Story Of A Successful Woman Entrepreneur

Starting from merely 50 paisa per day, Mrs. Patricia Narayan now earns INR 2 lakh a day. She started her career 31 years ago as an entrepreneur, selling eateries from a mobile cart on the Marina beach a midst all odds. Today, she has overcome the hurdles and owns a chain of restaurants.
She married against the will of her parents. Unfortunately, the marriage failed but her parents never forgave her and she was on her own along with 2 children.
"I knew I should either succumb to the burden or fight; I decided to fight my lonely battle.” she said. She started selling pickles, squashes and jams she made at home.
However, the turning point in her life came when she started her own cart on Marine Drive, Mumbai in the year 1980. This gave her identity and exposure. According to her, the Marina beach was her business school, her MBA. On the first she just sold one cup of coffee, making 50 paise the first day. But she never lost hope and earned as high as 2500 rs a day.
One day the Slum Clearance Board gave her an offer to run the canteen at their office with a proper kitchen. The chairman met her during morning walk. Thereafter, she never looked back.
In 2004, life again took an ugly turn when she lost her daughter in a car accident along with her son-in-law. This was a huge setback for her. The ambulance refused to carry their dead bodies. Finally, somebody carried all the dead bodies in the boot of a car. She couldn't bear the scene and broke down.
That is when she decided to keep an ambulance on that very spot to help people whether the victims are alive or dead.
Pain is an inevitable part of life and it must not stop us from moving forward as ‘moving is life’ and ‘still is dead’. Her journey was briefly halted by her daughter’s death but it did not take permanently pause. A couple of years later, she set up 'Sandeepha' restaurant along with her son in memory of her daughter.
Her dedication and hard work helped Sandeepha attain great heights in the hospitality sector. Today, Sandeepha boasts of channelising sales through 14 outlets across Chennai, earning INR 2 lakh on an average daily basis. She was awarded ‘FICCI Entrepreneur Of The Year’ in 2010.

Reaction Of Anushka Sharma When Virat Kholi Got Out Watch Video

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 6:46 PM
The Hottest girlfriend of Virat Kholi the most famous player of Indian Cricket team came to watch live match of Indian VS. Australia semi final which just really held 26 March 2015. She was really wanted to watch live all cricket match as it is world cup semi final match. But she seem much interested to watch Kholi as she is his girlfriend. Camera also capture that kholi passed a flying kiss to Anushka Sharma. But there was bad luck for kholi he did not played well and only scored 1 run and got out. That was the crazy moments mean Anushka got shocked that she specially came for Kholi and he did not even cared or he was confused or whatever but lost his wicket after making 1 run in the semi final of world cup against Australian team.
But the most bad luck happened when India lost the match and Australia won world cup semi final match of 2015 against India Who were really proud.

Reaction Of Anushka Sharma When Virat Kholi Got Out Watch Video

Reaction of #Anushka #Sharma when #Virat #Kholi lost his wicket. Lol#pak#India Mauka#Australia
Posted by Paklinkz on Thursday, March 26, 2015

How To Add Whatsapp Share Button In Blogger

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 11:41 PM
Being a blogger I was looking for a Whatsapp share button to add in my blogger as you can see i am using blogspot so there are not much plugins you have to add coding for each plugin by yourself. As I wanted to add sticky whatsapp share button but not succeeded but any how I have added whatsapp sharing button under my blogger posts. This is really grateful and I am getting more views now because there are billions users of whatsapp now and people using it more than facebook so we should also take it seriously. Honestly I am not a professional blogger and even I do not have a good writing skills but I will try my best to teach you guys this really simple and easy method that you can integrated a simple whatsapp sharing button into your blogger.

How To Add Whatsapp Share Button In Blogger

How To Add Whatsapp Share Button In Blogger

  • First of all open your blogger dashboard.
  • Go to Edit Html section area.
  • Find the below code in your Html Section

  • After finding the code paste the below code just above/before the code you have found.

<script type='text/javascript'>if(typeof wabtn4fg===&quot;undefined&quot;){wabtn4fg=1;h=document.head||document.getElementsByTagName(&quot;head&quot;)[0],s=document.createElement(&quot;script&quot;);s.type=&quot;text/javascript &quot;;s.src=&quot;;;h.appendChild(s);}</script>
 Now You need to put the below code where do you want to appear the whatsapp share button.
I will recommend to put this button under post.

  • Find the above code and paste the below code under/below the above code.

<a class='wa_btn wa_btn_l' data-href='' data-text='Take a look at this awesome website:' href='whatsapp://send' style='display:none'>Share</a>

  • Now save your template and check your posts.

This button will be appear on Iphone and Android phones only. So you can add whatsapp sharing button into your blogger for both platforms IPhone and Android smartphones.
If still feel any difficulty so please let me know by posting your comments I will try my best to solve your issues.

Evolution Of An Entrepreneur | Infographic

Shahzaib Anwar - 11:46 PM
World was never same as it is now we humans has served a lot learnt a lot and has became much socialized practical and gain our experience after learning thousands eras. We are now the most successful business men the sharp engineers and the smart doctors. we got this a big world which have been converted into a small global village now we can fly miles from one distance to another in just few hours which were not possible before. We got the technology which has really changed our lives now we can sell products right from our bedrooms in this regards there are many big platforms on the internet like ebay and many others. We have google which is the master of search engines and having a biggest database in each and every matter of life.
And behind all the stories there are most sharp master minded and successful Entrepreneur who has really helped to change our lives.

Following is the chart Infographic of the Evolution of an Entrepreneur.

Ayyan Ali Loves Asif Zardari And PPP Watch Video

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 1:04 PM
In a TV Show Ayyan Ali showinh her love for Asif Ali Zardari PPP and many other from the PPP. The show host is Shan Ali a famous Pakistani films Actor who has been hosting a show on Pakistani Television GEO TV.
The super hot Pakistani Model and actress now in Adyala jail due to taking a big amount of dollors from Pakistan to Dubai in illegal way you may say that she has been smuggling money from Pakistan to Dubai and this time the security on Islamabad airport has caught her.
Many famous politician tried their best to released her but they failed among those famous politician there were Rehman Malik as well. The big rumors also taken the place on social media about the scandal of Rehman Malik with Super hot model Ayyan Ali many says she has relation with Rehman malik's younger brothers but others says there is scandal between Ayyan Ali and Rehman Malik who is a member of PPP.

Watch the video below of Ayyan Ali Loves Asif Zardari And PPP

Live Chat With Maria Sharapova Download Mariasapp For Android / IPhone

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 12:43 PM
Now You can have Live chat with the most beautiful hot and the best tennis player Maria Sharapova as she has just launched a new app for smartphones Android and IPhones. In the app you may also watch live matches of Maria Sharapova recorded videos of her photos of her Music and many more.
She has also sing many of the songs which you can listen on her official app. Below you may also watch a official video were posted on her fan page in which she told to her fans to install the app on their phones and so they can ask her Question and also can have live chat with her once she will be available online. She has launched this android app and IOS app on her official website and the name of this app is Mariasapp.

Live Chat With Maria Sharapova Download Mariasapp For Android / IPhone

If you want to have online live chat with the most hot beautiful celebrity Maria Sharapova then please visti to her official website and download the app on your smart phone and have fun with her.
Download the Smartphone Official App Below

Punjab University B.A Date Sheet 2015

Muhammad Shahzaib Anwar - 11:15 AM
Please see below full date sheet for the final exams of 2015 by Punjab University of B.A / B.S .
Get prepare well students for the the final examinations of B.A 2015 Punjab University.
Punjab University B.A Date Sheet 2015

B.A Examinations 2015 Punjab University Date Sheet
B.S Examination 2015 Date Sheet By Punjab University.
B.A Examination will start from 9 April 2015 and will be continue till 4 May 2015 in Punjab University. We Really wish all the best to all the students to get high marks in the final examination.

Punjab University B.A Date Sheet 2015

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